TMJ Dysfunction

Many people suffer from dizziness, earaches, face, head, neck, shoulder and back pain, without knowing the cuase of their pain. Previously, many patients seeking medical cures for these types of problems were told it was "all in their mind." They would go from "specialist" to "specialist" seeking a cure. Then after years of unsuccessful treatment, they learned to live with the pain, usually with the aid of over the counter drugs, mainly aspirin

Today, however, it is now know that a condition termed TMJ (temporomandibular join) syndrome accounts for a large number of these previously uncured and painful ailments. The above types of pains are symptoms of the syndrome - not the problem itself. Correcting the problem rather than the symptom is at the heart of TMJ treatment.


After diagnosing the problem, a variety of treatments may be recommended. Initial phases of treatment are aimed to eliminate the TMJ pain - the symptoms resulting from the actual problem. In th esecond stage, the actual treatment to correct the problem is implemented. Various TMJ treatments are explained briefly below

Occlusal Equilibration

In occlusal equilibration, the tops of the teeth are reshaped. This is a done to alleviate pressure on individual teeth. The reshaping procedure has been found to be the solution for many conditions which cause discomfort in the head, neck and shoulders and breakdown of the dental structures.

Occlusal Restoration

Occlusal restoration involves the replacement or reconstruction of teeth in addition to the reshaping procedures (which eliminate high spots on the teeth), thus allowing the face and jaw muscles to replax

Splint/Jaw Repositioner Appliances

Splint/jaw repositioning appliances are not only used in diagnosis, but they are also used as treatment to temporariliy eliminate the bite disharmony and resulting pain. Then, during the second stage of treatment, orthodontics, crowns or quilibration may be recommended to build the bite to a permanent, healthy, relationship.

Muscle Stimulation/Ultrasound

Muscle stimulation and ultrasound therapy may be prescribed to alleviate the pain before and during the actual treatment procedure.